A-Line Sampling

Westmed makes a number of unique blood gas sampling kits for special applications

Such as drawing specimens from arterial catheters (A-lines) in patients of all ages and umbilical artery lines (UA-lines) in neonates.  In addition, a special kit is available for the Labor & Delivery Suite and NICU to obtain a pair of labeled umbilical cord specimens (arterial and venous) shortly after birth for cord blood gases and pH.  

A-line Kit.png

Arterial Line Samplers

Arterial Line Samplers use a non-vented syringe, available in 1 mL, 3 mL and 5 mL sizes, with a solid rubber plunger designed only to aspirate.  A-line samplers are pre-loaded with 25-U of dry, balance lithium heparin for prompt anticoagulation.  One available kit also contains a 3 mL waste syringe.

Umbilical cord blood gases & pH are easy with this simple kit: Two (2) aspirating syringes, each with a 22-gauge needle with Crickett™ needle protection, and 2 color-coded labels for arterial cord and venous cord blood, all contribute to the convenience of this kit for use in L&D or NICU. 

Cord Blood Gas Kit