About Westmed

Westmed Inc. is a global market leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of specialized disposable and reusable medical devices used in Respiratory Care, Anesthesiology, Neonatal & Pediatric, EMS and Home Care. The company’s primary product focus is in Pulmonary Medication Delivery, Oxygen Delivery, Airway Management, Gas Delivery, Heated Humidification, Arterial Blood Collection, Capnography, Resuscitation and Wound Prevention.


In 1997, Westmed acquired the HEART® continuous nebulizer from Vortran Medical Technologies.  Soon thereafter, the company acquired the assets of Medtrac Technologies, a leader in the development and manufacture of electronic drug compliance and outcome monitors used in respiratory medication delivery systems. Both acquisitions positioned the company for continued growth and established Westmed as a product leader in the respiratory care marketplace.

In 2002, Westmed entered the anesthesia market by acquiring the assets of Owens-Brigham Medical Company, a diversified manufacturer of anesthesia disposables. The acquisition significantly expanded the company’s product portfolio to include heated humidification, heated respiratory circuits, arterial blood gas syringes & kits, anesthesia circuits, anesthesia masks and other disposables.

More recently, the company acquired Airways Development Company LLC, a New Jersey based enterprise with particular focus on the design and development of proprietary respiratory devices used in neonatal intensive care units throughout the US.


With nearly 30 years of proven performance, Westmed manufactures approximately 35% of all re­spiratory appliances in the US, and over 65 million disposable components annually. The company’s in­novative brands include the Comfort Soft Plus® Nasal Cannula, featuring the first proprietary soft material designed to eliminate Hospital Acquired Pressure Ul­cers from nasal cannulas, masks and other O2 appli­cations; the Pulset™ Arterial Blood Gas Syringe, the first ABG to eliminate pre-analytical pCO2, pO2 and electrolyte errors, now with a broad range of sharps safety devices; the ANAPOD® Humi-Therm Heated Humidification System,Westmed Inc Anapod systemthe first device to pro­vide heat and humidifi­cation during anesthe­sia and transport; and Neo-Pod™ “T”, the first heat and humidification system specifically developed for the demands of neonatal patient transport.

Westmed employs over 1,200 people worldwide, and is headquartered in Tucson, AZ, with additional manufacturing facilities in Nogales, Sonora and Tecate, Baja, MX. All of these facilities are certified by MedCert, EU Notified Body Number 0482, which requires assessed compliance to regulations that govern the methods used in, and the facilities and

controls used for the design, manufacture, packaging, labeling, storage, installation and servicing of all finished devices intended for medical use. These requirements are meant to ensure that all medical devices manufactured by any Westmed facility are safe and effective to use.

Westmed Quality Management Systems worldwide comply
with the following requirements and regulations: