When economy and performance matter most, look to Westmed’s family of oral airways.  Each airway features a micro-smooth surface for atraumatic use, and high-quality, medical-grade materials for secure performance.

Choose from two popular airway types:  Berman and Guedel.

Oral Airways - Berman color coded
Guedel Oral Airway

Features and Benefits:

  • Smooth, polished exterior surface minimized trauma during use.
  • Color-coding to differentiate sizes at a glance.
  • A full range of sizes from 40mm to 100 mm (Berman) and 50mm to 100 mm (Guedel).
  • Full range of sizes accommodates neonates to adults
  • All airways individually packaged, 50 units per carton.

Hauge II Airway

Oral airway, bite block with built-in ports for oxygen administration and end-tidal CO2 monitoring. Can be used for conscious sedation procedures (endoscopy)

TN-Oral Airways
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