The Hi-Flo® Miniheart Circulaire® II is the Ideal Device for the “Asthma Rescue” In the Emergency Department.

This unique combination of features makes the HiFlo MiniHEART Circulaire II Continuous Nebulizer the ideal choice in your ED for rapidly reversing the severe acute asthmatic or COPD patient with an exacerbation of bronchospasm.

Features and Benefits:

  • The 30 mL reservoir provides 60-90 min continuous nebulization
  • Deliver high FIO2 (>80%) or Heliox with closed-system, reservoir and portless face mask.
  • Reservoir also improves medication delivery by allowing more medication per each inhalation.
  • Integral expiratory filter protects caregiver
  • Built-in variable expiratory resistor allows small amounts of PEP to provide gentle lung expansion
TN-MiniHEART Circulaire II
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