Circulaire II

Westmed, a leader in pulmonary medication delivery, introduced the original Circulaire aerosol drug delivery system to the respiratory therapy market in 1997.

In 2008, the Circulaire II was developed and featured two main design improvements: (1) the thick vinyl reservoir bag of the original Circulaire was replaced with a thin-film polyethylene reservoir bag that inflates and deflates much more readily, and (2) the small center-post one-way valve was replaced by a large top-hinged one-way “flapper” valve that is instantly responsive to the patient’s inspiratory effort and does not block the flow of any aerosol particles.

These two design changes have significantly improved the aerosol delivery performance of the Circulaire II, casting it as the top performing pneumatically-driven aerosol delivery device for adults and children.

The Circulaire II uses the conserver principle to double the rate of drug delivery: i.e, approximately two times as much drug in the same time, or less, than all other nebulizers including breath-enhanced and breath-actuated designs, with the Highest FIA (Fraction of Inhalable Aerosol) of any pneumatic jet nebulizer.

Circulaire Animation

3D Animation of Circulaire II in Operation

The computerized animation demonstrates how the Circulaire II operates and why it has superior performance. During the exhalation phase, exhaled air (yellow) holds the one-way flapper valve shut and directs the exhalation out through the filter and the variable expiratory resistor. Meanwhile, the nebulizer, which is operating continuously, inflates the reservoir bag with its aerosol output.

When the subsequent inhalation begins, the patient inhales and receives aerosol from BOTH the nebulizer and the reservoir bag (light blue).

Consequently, there is little or no room air entrainment to dilute the inspired aerosol. Because the patient receives aerosol from two sources simultaneously (nebulizer plus reservoir), the inhaled mass of drug to the patient is approximately double what the patient would receive from any other non-reservoir device.

Understanding this set of repetitive steps that occur during inhalation and exhalation within the Circulaire system, as depicted in the animation above, is key to appreciating how the device is able to perform so much better than all other disposable jet nebulizers.

Circulaire II Hybrid for Home Care Also Available

Features and Benefits:

The Circulaire II system has many features and benefits ranging from enhanced drug delivery, to an integral expiratory filter to protect healthcare workers, to the ability to easily add Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) to the treatment to simultaneously take advantage of its physiologic benefits on gas exchange, aerosol distribution and deposition and airway clearance.

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