CO2 Easy™

  • Large Visual Indicator (2”)
    • Largest visual indicator available
  • Anti-fog coated lens
  • Available with BagEasy Resuscitation Bag (562136 or 562233)

Featuring the largest visual indicator available

Pedi CO2 Easy™

Used for pediatric patients 1 to 15 kg

Capnography, CO2 Detector Pedi CO2 Easy (Pediatrics) CO2 detector

Features and Benefits:

  • Both CO2 Easy and Pedi CO2 Easy use a non-toxic pH sensitive indicator. When CO2 is detected the device turns from purple to yellow. Yellow indicates CO2 is present.
  • Built in bacterial filter protects both patient and clinician
  • 3-year shelf life

Note: CO2 Easy goes between ETT and manual resuscitation bag

*Complies with Standard of Care Guidelines from the American Heart Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, American Association for Respiratory Care and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

CO2 Easy
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