Westmed’s neonatal and pediatric products portfolio includes a variety of unique products specifically designed for normal newborn, premature newborn infants and pediatric patients who require respiratory care, blood gases, transport, oxygen therapy, and/or humidification and warming. Westmed has a number of indispensable, one-of-a-kind products for this special group of patients.


Aerosol Delivery

Airway Clearance

Anesthesia Masks


Bubble CPAP

Capnography/CO2 Detector

Chin Strap


Hydrocolloid Skin Protection

Heated and Humidified Transport Circuits

HME and Filters

Manual Resuscitators

Nasal Aspirators

Nebulizer with Pacifier

Oral Airways

Oxygen Delivery Devices

Securement Devices

Nebulizer with Pacifier

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