Neo-Vent™ (neovent) Infant T-piece Resuscitation Circuit

Connect the Neo-Vent™ Infant T-piece Resuscitation Circuit to your neonatal resuscitator for reliable, cost-effective performance in newborn resuscitation procedures.

Available in both ambient and heated humidified gas models, Neo-Vent™ circuits are simple to set up and easy to use. They enable confident command of inflation pressures to avoid barotrauma. The circuit’s straight forward, finger activated controls allow you to safely and effectively regulate PIP, Inspiratory Time and Breathing Rate.

The Neo-Vent Infant T-piece circuit complies with standard practice guidelines recognized by ILCOR and AHA’s Neonatal Resuscitation Programs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy activation and reliable performance
  • Confident command of inflation pressure to avoid barotrauma
  • Finger activated controls regulate PIP, Inspiratory Time and Breathing Rate
  • Less hand fatigue with no compression of a resuscitator bag
  • Maintain temperature in preterm infants with the Heated Humidified Infant T-piece Resuscitation Kit (Part #0422)
  • Single patient use, disposable
  • Easily controlled Oxygen Delivery between 21-100%
  • Compatible with the Neopuff™ Infant T-Piece Resuscitator and most others

NRP Guidelines (2017)

  • Warm and maintain normal temperature
  • Thermoregulation involves radiant warmers, plastic wrap, thermal mattress, and the use of warmed humidified resuscitation gases
  • Can use T-piece resuscitator with NeoPod (PN 0422) to provide heated humidified gas in L&D
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