Westmed carries a full line of Respiratory Accessories

Oxygen Tubing
respiratory accessories

Oxygen tubing (small bore)

  • Kink resistant tubing
  • Available in 7’, 14’, 21’, 25’, 40’, or 50’
  • Green tubing available in 25’ and 50’
  • Purple tubing available in 25’ and 50’
  • 7’ kink resistant tubing with threaded nut
    • Eliminates need for Christmas Tree Adapter
Oxygen Tubing (green)
Respiratory Accessory - Corrugated Tubing 22 mm ID 100', clear, cuffed every 6 in, 0470 - same except 6' tubing

Large Bore Corrugated Tubing

  • Use with HEART Large Volume Nebulizer
  • Use with Large Volume Nebulizer to provide humidification
  • Available in 6’ or 100’, cuffed every 6”
  • 22 mm I.D.
  • Not made with Latex or DEHP

Westmed Adapters and Connectors

Respiratory Accessories
Barbed O2 Connector
Oxygen Swivel Connector
O2 Swivel Connector
flex tubing
Flex Tubing
adaptor 22,15 mm x 22 mm OD
22/15x22 Adapter
Nipple & Nut Adapter (Christmas Tree)
Christmas Tree Adapter
gas sampling tee with swivel elbow
Inline Adapter for Capnography

Westmed Accessories

Aerosol Delivery Page - Spacer


  • Spacer for aerosol medication delivery
  • Small, portable, easy to use
  • Reduces particle size to 2-3µm
  • Not made with Latex or DEHP
Oxygen Cylinder Wrench

Oxygen Tank Wrench

With or without chain

EarMates Charcoal foam cannula covers


  • Offers support and comfort for patients using using PVC cannulas
inline water trap

Inline water trap for oxygen delivery

aerosol tee

Aerosol Tee



  • Trach bib collects mucus coughed out by patient
  • Keeps mucus from sitting on skin
  • Disposable

Additional products available (not pictured): nose clip, no smoking sign, mouthpiece

Respiratory brochure
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