TRIB, the Trach Bib for Better Tracheostomy Care

The Trib is a Trach Bib used for tracheotomy care with patients breathing through a Trach Tube. The Trib helps prevent sputum from leaking down onto the trach collar and wound dressing, an area we like to keep clean. The hole in the Trach Bib fits snugly over the 15mm trach tube fitting. Trib effectively creates a barrier between secretions and the trachea stoma. This is a valuable tool for clinicians performing tracheostomy care and who want to maintain tracheotomy hygiene as part of their daily patient care routines.

Real Results from a Tracheostomy Accessory


Tracheotomy patients deal with enough hardships; soiled clothing should not be one of them as constant wetness may cause skin irritation. The Trach Bib is a tracheostomy accessory manufactured from a latex-free, micro-porous material which breathes yet contains secretions and liquids. The Trib pocket extends up the sides, catching secretions whether the patient is sitting, laying supine or on their side. Stop worrying about soiled clothing, gowns, tops, dressings, bed sheets and pillow cases, and contact us to order Trib Trach Bib today.