The VixOne™ Small Volume Jet Nebulizer (SVN) is one of the enduring standards in respiratory therapy.

Not just any Nebulizer...

The VixOne™ small volume jet nebulizer (SVN) is one of the enduring standards in respiratory therapy. A direct descendent of the classic “Acorn” nebulizer.

Hess Study (1996)

  • Compared 17 SVNs from different manufacturers
  • The Westmed VixOne was characterized as having the highest inhaled patient dose (~0.75 mg) among all devices that were loaded and tested with 2.5 mg/3 mL albuterol solution.  
  • The VixOne had both the highest respirable mass output per nebulizer and the highest respirable mass available to the patient, as well as an MMAD of 2.7 µm.

Technical Specifications:

Max Fill Volume: 10 mL
Time to Sputter: 5 to 6 minutes @ 8 LPM
MMAD: 2.6 to 2.7 µM @ 8 L/min
Respirable Mass (%<5 µM) 82%

Multiple configurations available: mouthpiece, masks, pacifier, inline with ventilator, or with reusable nebulizer cup

circulaire ii
Circulaire II
circulaire ii hybrid
Circulaire II Hybrid

Nebulizer with compressor for adults and peds

nebulizer with compressor
q4 neb pack

The Q4 Neb Pak™ contains a daily reusable tee, a mouthpiece, a 6-inch flex reservoir tubing and O2 tubing, plus 6 Westmed VixOne™ disposable small volume nebulizers that can be discarded after each treatment, enough for 6 daily treatments.

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