WinShield™ Wound Irrigation System with Splash Shield, a transparent shell that provides the caregiver with protective precautions against splatter of biohazard fluids during small wound irrigation. The shield is conveniently packaged alone or with one of three different sized syringes (12, 20, or 35 mL).  

Features and Benefits:

  • Transparent Splash Shield. Operator is protected from splatter while maintaining a clear view of the wound.
  • Elongated Oval Shape. Cover all or most of the laceration and directs the splattered solution away from the clinician.
  • Increased Fluid Dynamics. Irrigation pressures from 4 – 12 psi effectively decrease bacterial contamination in treated wounds.
  • Side Bleed Ports. Irrigation splatter is minimized by positioning the splash shield as close as possible to the wound area to allow excess fluid to drain through the side bleed ports.
  • Auto-Fill System. Spring-loaded syringe is connected to a double-check valve, with a 6-foot tubing for large volume irrigation.
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